Help us and support the Syrian children in Lebanon! 

« Everyday we have to decide between buying bread to eat or paying the bus ride to school. »

We heard these words while having coffee in the tent of a Syrian mother of nine children, who was a farmer before the war and now, a refugee in the Bekaa region of Lebanon since 2014. Feed your family? Or pay for your children to get to school? 

This dilemma not only concerns this woman who expressed her frustration of seeing her children growing up without any education, but also impacts hundreds of thousands of Syrian families (today there are 500'000 Syrian children living in Lebanon as refugees). Marginalized, the majority of Syrians live in very harsh and vulnerable conditions in Lebanon. In the refugee camps, there are practically no schools, and in the cities, the parents often don't have the means to send their children to school.


What will these thousands of children become? They are the ones who will shape tomorrow's world. We cannot standby and watch as an entire generation of children grows up without ever attending school, unable to even read or write their name.




In 2018 Virginie went to Lebanon to work with the Lebanese NGO "Insan". There, she met many Syrians who fled to Lebanon, in order to escape from the violence in their country. Some of them have been living in tents for over 8 years, without a job or money - and all they want and are asking for is to go home. Very touched by their situation, she decided to create a book, with her sister Alexia. A book of testimonies. A book of real life stories. A book that informs you about these people's vulnerabilities and the injustice they suffer. A book that, through photographs and stories, aims to reflect and bring to light this complex situation in Lebanon, without any judgment.

It is necessary to say that today, even as the actual conflict comes to an end and draws less attention in the media, the consequential impact on the lives of Syrians is far from being over. A very small number of Syrians have returned to Syria. They often do not dare to return home for fear of reprisals, or because everything they knew has been destroyed. That is why they need more support than ever.


The aim of this book "Déracinés au Liban" is not only to inform people about the current situation, but also to provide real support. And for that...



With this crowdfunding, 50CHF will directly go either to the education or a Syrian child or to psycho-social support to a group of children for one month.

For your information: the book and the interview extracts are in French.

Allocation of funds

So what is the project?

The money will directly support a project of the Lebanese NGO Insan, with whom Virginie worked one year ago. Syrian children who live in refugee camps rarely have access to education. That is why Insan has now decided to use a tent in a refugee camp, close to Zahle (Bekaa Valley, next to the border with Syria), to help fight this problem.


Four times a week, Insan uses this tent to provide children with:

  • Arab and English classes, for 20 to 25 children per class;

  • psycho-social support (many children suffer trauma due to their life experiences), for 20 to 25 children per session;

  • awareness sessions for their parents (positive parenting, hygiene,...), for 20 to 30 adults per session;

  • individual support.

How much should I give?

As much as you'd like! Even the smallest amount can help these people. And don't forget that 50CHF can give a child access to education for one month, or it can support a psycho-social activity to a group of children for one month.


And with a 30CHF donation, you will receive our book!


All funds help support Insan's initiative for Syrians. The book printing and some postage fees might be deducted from your donation. We warmly thank Fondation sesam that partially supported the book edition. We personally do not collect any money for the work we've done (interviews on the field, book creation).


If you would like more than one book or you have specific questions, please write to


Where does my money go?


To the Lebanese NGO Insan, which helps marginalized communities in Lebanon. This NGO provides great support to Syrian refugees. If you would like to know more, visit



And then?


We would love to raise at least 10'000CHF. The more funds we raise, the more children will be able to have access to education and psychological support. Once this crowdfunding is over, we will go to Lebanon to see the results, and we will report back to all donors so you will be able to see the real impact of your donation!