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"Déracinés au Liban" is a book edited by Alexia et Virginie. By alternating photographs, testimonies, and interview extracts, "Déracinés au Liban" pays tribute to the Syrian refugees and reflects their vulnerability, as well as the complex situation of the country in which they live. 

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The project

Bring access to education for Syrian children in Lebanese refugee camps!

Very few children can go to school in the refugee camps. After living in Lebanon and witnessing this whole generation of children without any education, Alexia and Virginie wanted to give their support to these children. Your donations will directly go to an educational project of the NGO Insan, with whom Virginie worked in 2018.

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Everyday we have to decide between buying bread to eat or paying the bus ride to school. 

C., mother of nine children, 40 years old, farmer before the war, arrived in Bekaa valley in 2014

No child in this family goes to school. There is no school near here, they are all very far away. We need a lot of help.

R., 36 years old, Syrian woman arrived in 2011 in the

Bekaa valley